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Moratorium Case


Arallywood Moratorium News Analysis of Supreme Court upcoming order Analysis Updated on 09-12-20:-

In This Analysis we have covered Supreme Court Moratorium & Moratorium Interest Waiver all hearings from 14-10-2020 to 09-12-2020.

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Read all sc hearings in this Moratorium News Analysis to resolve your all problems related to loan moratorium & rbi loan restructuring.


👉SC Next hearing on Monday (14 Dec 20) Next week. Till the time NPA Interim order will be continued as relief.


👉Supreme Court will start hearing again today 09 Dec 2020 on Moratorium Extension and Interest Waiver case. SC said yesterday(08 Dec 20) that "Won't Pass Any Order Which Will Lead To Economy Going Haywire, Says Supreme Court On Pleas For Loan Moratorium Extension".



👉SC will hear moratorium extension and Moratorium Interest Waiver petitions tomorrow(09-12-2020) again.


Supreme Court will start hearing lots of petitions seeking moratorium extension and Moratorium Interest Waiver.  We all hope for big from Supreme Court today. 


Supreme Court Hearing Update Sr SC Advocate K Sibal(CREDAI HR): "state of the economy states that there will be havoc by December 10, RBI is saying that the borrower & lender will decide among themselves. Their (Union) position today is that your lordships have no jurisdiction to go into this."



👉Banks want extension of loan recast window till 31-03-2021 as it's going to expire 31-12-2020.  Under this scheme Borrowers get moratorium extension for 2 years and Restructuring for same periods. 


👉 RBI Moratorium Extension and Restructuring For 2 Years(365×2=730 days) Terms Conditions & Policies for Retail Loans/CreditCard:-

  1. LAN/Credit Card Issued before 01-03-20 

  2. STD A/C

  3. 30 days default only 

  4. Income Must be Affected due to Covid19 

  5. Supporting income Affected proof documents 

  6. Addendum Agreement

  7. Last day of invocation 31-12-2020 

  8. Applicable for Banks,  NBFCs, Loan App, LI, FI, HFC.

  9. CIBIL Reporting:- 

Moratorium - 0, 0, i.e No -ve impact, normal reporting as no DPD.

Restructuring- Restructred

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👉We humbly request (on the behalf of all borrowers of india) honorable Supreme Court for moratorium extension(on the ground of job/business  continuity) till 31-03-2021 and consider all loan and credit card account as Moratorium period from 01-09-20 to 31-03-21. Kindly share this video to everywhere if you want moratorium extension. 

We all are very +ve and hopeful from honourable supreme court. 


RBI Notification/PR:- 

  1. Moratorium  ?

  2. Covid19  vaccine relationship with Moratorium 

  3. GDP Growth(7.5%⬆️) relationship with Moratorium 

  4. RBI MPC Indirect indication on Moratorium ?

  5. Supreme Court on Moratorium Extension  ?


As we all know supreme court will hear moratorium extension petitions on 08-12-20. So what should all the borrowers till the time. We will try to find out exact solution. 

03-12-2020 :-

👉 RBI Loan Moratorium Period:-

RBI Moratorium 3.0 and Restructuring apply last day 31-12-2020.

Moratorium 1.0:- 01-03-20 to 31-05-20

Moratorium 2.0:- 01-06-20 to 31-08-20

Moratorium 3.0:- 01-09-20 to upto 2 years as per RBI 06 August 20 Notification as Govt & RBI Submitted in Supreme Court in affidavits as Moratorium is extendable upto 2 years for "eligible borrowers".

👉 What is Moratorium:- According to "Cambridge Dictionary" A stopping of an activity for an agreed amount of time is known as Moratorium.

👉Supreme Court Will hear Moratorium Extension and Interest Waiver case again in next week aroun/on 08 Dec 20.

Till the time NPA Interim order will be continued.

👉 Supreme Court will start Hearing on Loan Moratorium Extension & Moratorium Interest Waiver petitions today on 03 Dec 2020. We may expect relief for all borrowers from Supreme Court as Moratorium Extension demanded till 31-03-2021 by petitioners.


👉Supreme Court will hear this matter tomorrow on 03 Dec 20 as Court adjourned to tomorrow. Court will available to hear till 3 pm tomorrow. Harish Salve said it will take more time  to clear any misconceptions.

NPA Interim Order to be continued. 


👉Hearing is Going on in supreme court on Moratorium Extension and Moratorium Interest Waiver case as it may be concluded today on 02 dec 20.

👉Supreme Court will hear today (02 dec 20) Moratorium Extension and Moratorium Interest Waiver case in view of the coronavirus pandemic. In last hearing SG Tushar Mehta said that honorable Supreme Court should not intervene in fiscal policy issues of the government.

Let's see what happens on ME, MIW & NPA Classification. We may expect some relief from Supreme Court. 

👉RBI Moratorium 3.0 and Restructuring apply last day 31-12-2020.

Moratorium 1.0:- 01-03-20 to 31-05-20

Moratorium 2.0:- 01-06-20 to 31-08-20

Moratorium 3.0:- 01-09-20 to upto 2 years as per RBI 06 August 20 Notification as Govt & RBI Submitted in Supreme Court in affidavits as Moratorium is extendable upto 2 years for "eligible borrowers". 

👉 As we all know Moratorium & Restructuring are the parameters to overcome covid19 adverse impact on borrowers Live hood. Now pm modi to chair all party meet on 4-12-20 friday covid19/corona current situation. Now we may expact further new relief from government through rbi if any further relief announced in future. We may expect further  extension in moratorium case hearing date and NPA Classification Interim order may continue till further order.

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As last day 31 Dec 2020 by RBI to implement  06 Aug 2020 Policy. 

👉Supreme Court will hear Moratorium Extension Case on 02 dec 2020 and perhaps it will be  the final judgement day on Further Loan  Moratorium Extension and NPA Classification  Interim order may be withdrawn. 

👉Supreme Court may extend further loan moratorium i.e Moratorium Extension depending on the current covid19 and business or job continuity as govt  know. Hence govt opposed in supreme court saying "Further Loan Moratorium Extension is not possible ". Moratorium Case saga is going to be end on 02-12-2020. 

Take new Resolution for your upcoming 2021 bright future. 


👉Next  Hearing on 02-12-2020 .

Till the next hearing  Supreme Court Interim Order on NPA Classification will be continued. 

Hence  Supreme Court Provided very big relief to borrowers today  till next  hearing. 

👉Supreme Court Moratorium Extension and Interest Waiver case hearing completed today  on 27-11-2020 and order preserved. Final order will pronounced on 02-12-20 as on this day  hearing may be concluded. 

👉Supreme Court Moratorium Extension Case Hearing Star Today 27-11-2020.

Supreme Court very strict action against rbi, banks, nbfc, loan app regarding NPA Classification hold. Banks are feeling  helpless. 

👉Current Situation Demands That Loan Moratorium Be Extended Till 31 March 2021": Plea In Supreme Court Seeks Extension. This is today latest moratorium news update of 10 am 27-11-20.


👉 Moratorium Extension possibility increased as supreme court latest corona case order. Let's see what happens in upcoming moratorium case hearing.

👉 Supreme Court Moratorium Extension case hearing week Started today. Let's see what happened this week

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19-11-20, 3:15 PM IST SC Updates:-

👉SC will hear this matter next week. Lots of petitions have been disposed today as issues resolved. 


👉 Restructuring should be allowed at the discretion of the borrowers not the discretion of the bank, NBFC, FI, loan app. If it happens then it will be very big relief

To benefit from restructuring, the RBI circular requires compliance such as a forensic audit.


👉 Government has done whatever it could be possible for the borrowers of all segments. Now any further relief would be detrimental for our economy.


👉 It's Bank, NBFC, FI, Loan App responsibility to credit compound interest waiver to borrowers loan account.


👉 सावधानी हटी , दुर्घटना घटी !

NPA Interim ऑर्डर हटी, लोन फसी !

👉 Supreme Court will hear bunch of petition on Loan Moratorium Extension Today on 19-11-2020 as cases were listed for 18-11-2020 but unfortunately court adjourned yesterday. Now matter is listed for today 19-11-2020 to hear on Moratorium Extension plea.

Till 19-11-2020 No NPA Classification will be started as SC reject RBI NPA Classification Interim order lifting request earlier.

It's really a very big relief as no NPA Classification till further order.

No Coercive Actiion till further order.

No default till further order.

All these are very big relief by Supreme Court as case hearing date again extended.

👉 Supreme Court Update on 05-11-2020 on Moratorium Case:- Very Big relief granted by Supreme Court today in favour of borrowers. All Eligibile borrowers of loan Upto 2 Cr are very happy now.

  1. Supreme Court Next Hearing on 18-11-2020 after Diwali as previously we analysed at Moratorium News Channel and Arallywood. Hearing scheduled for next date as Solicitor General Tushar Mehta was not present due to busy schedule in other urgent case hearing in SC.

  1. Supreme Court interim Order on NPA Classification will be continued till further order. 

As result of this no any loans or credit card account will be classified as NPA, Default etc… Hence we can say very big relief granted by Supreme Court as indirectly moratorium extended but all charges Like penal interest i.e. compound interest, late payment, over limit, gst, or any other charges will be applicable and recoverable from the borrowers.

If bank, NBFC, FI, LI are unable to do NPA it means they can not default your loan till NPA period of 90 days. That means DPD (day pas due) will also not be classified. 1 month, 2 month and 3 month default will not happen. It means your DPD will be shown as Zero(0) same as during moratorium period. 

Hence we can say indirectly that Supreme Court has extended moratorium as per Arallywood Analysis and RBI CIBIL Reporting Normal of Asset Classification (AC). 

As you know during moratorium period your CIBIL is not negatively impacted and DPD shown as 0(zero) that means no pas due.

  1. No Coercive Action will be initiated by any lenders till further order.

  1. RBI is very disappointed as sc still continue to restrict NPA Classification.

  1. Ex Gratia Moratorium Cashback on loan, Credit Card, insta loan, insta jumbo loan i.e all retail loans and Compound Interest Waiver i.e interest on interest amount already refunded and credited till 05-11-2020 after supreme Court strict Interim Order. As RBI also confirm in SC in their affidavits.

👉 Supreme Court Today Order 05-11-2020:- Supreme Court may pass Final formal order on Moratorium Interest Waiver as this compound interest refund and ex gratia cashback are successfully credited in borrowers account.

SC may also pass Interim Order on Moratorium Extension after reviewing RBI and GOI 2 Years Moratorium Extendable Resolution Framework Policy of 06-08-2020

Supreme court may also Pass Interim Order on Loan recovery harrasment.

Supreme Court Interim Order on NPA Classification may also continue till further orders.

If all these happen in SC today then these will be very big relief and good news for borrowers. We all hope so….

👉 Supreme Court Today 03-11-2020 Hearing:- Supreme Court interim order on No NPA Classification and No Coercive Action by any lenders to borrowers. Hence it is clear borrowers got very big relief and Moratorium Extension indirectly by the supreme court today. SC Interim Order will be still continue till further hearing on 05-11-2020. Next hearing date for 05-11-2020 is scheduled by sc on government request and sc adjourned today.

👉 Today Update on 3-11-20 on Loan Moratorium Extension Case and Moratorium Interest Waiver Case hearing in Supreme Court:- Supreme Court will start hearing all PIL/Cases Related to Moratorium Extension and Moratorium Interest Waiver Today on Tuesday on 03-11-2020 and likely to Pass Final Formal Order today.

👉 Supreme Court Will pass the order of Moratorium Interest Waiver by reviewing government of India Moratorium Period Interest on Interest Waiver issued guidelines. SC will also approved Govt Plan regarding this matter.

U C Order 1 Analysis:- Supreme Court Passed Order on Moratorium Interest Waiver Refund Credit Of Interest on Interest i.e compound interest in favour of borrowers on 02-11-2020.

👉 Government will submit its implementation guidelines into supreme court on 02-11-2020 on the day of Case hearing date.

U C Order 2 Analysis:- SC has observed that govt has submitted implementation guidelines to Court and hence court judgement is passed.

👉 Supreme Court will also praise government decision for penel interest waiver as reimbursement by the government.

U C Order 3 Analysis:- SC praised finance Ministry government of India decision on penal interest waiver in which there is no merit in this case.

👉 Supreme Court Will pass historical judgement on 02-11-2020 in this regards.

U C Order 4 Analysis:- SC passed Final judgement on Moratorium Interest Waiver in favour of common people of India.

Next 1:- NPA Classification Oder :- Supreme Court may allow RBI to do Asset Classification and may also withdraw it's interim order by reviewing current economy situation. After lifting interim order Bank NBFC or lenders will classify their loan account as NPA and will start recovery process for bad loan.

Next 2 :- Moratorium Extension:- Moratorium Extension Possibility is very low by the supreme court. As RBI and finance Ministry already told in supreme court that it's extendable or expandable upto 2 years. 

Hence supreme court may not passed any further order to Extend moratorium further.

Next 3:- Supreme Court may continue it's interim order on NPA Classification and hearing may be started again after Diwali.

Hence SC may reject RBI request to lift NPA Classification. If it happens in sc then it will be very big relief for public borrowers and Diwali Gift and bonus.

Next 4:- Moratorium Case Upcoming Order: This Interim order of SC to protect borrowers from coercive action by banks may continue to hear again after Diwali. If it happens then bank NBFC will not be able to recover loan emi forcefully or do any harassment with borrowers. As result of this borrowers may get very big relief from honourable supreme court.

Next 5:- Moratorium Extension Upcoming Possible Order:- Supreme Court may extend Blanket Moratorium till 30-11-2020 for all by reviewing borrowers situation and keeping in view of festival season like Diwali, chhath, bhai duj etc to provide relief to borrowers by using its special power to protect common people life. If it happens in SC then it will be very big relief to borrowers.

Next 6:- Loan Moratorium RBI Order all Banks, NBFC, Loan App, Lending Institutions, Financial Instructions to credit ‘interest on interest’ to borrowers, as RBI submitted affidavits reply in supreme court. RBI Notification regarding moratorium interest waiver dated 27-10-2020 also submitted in Supreme Court today which were published on RBI official website.

Next 7:- Nov 02, 2020 | 10:50 AM

SC on Loan Moratorium LIVE updates: Going any further from relief announced would be detrimental to economy, Centre tells SC.

It may be analysed as govt know Supreme Court may extend moratorium for some months to provide relief to borrowers on 2-11-20.

Next 8:- Supreme Court very long hearing is still continue as Start around 10:30 AM today 02-11-20. Still hearing all the parties and final judgement or order will be passed soon on Moratorium Extension and Moratorium Interest Waiver purposal of central government. We all pray, hope and waiting for very good relief as Moratorium Extension for some time as Moratorium Interest Waiver already done.

Updated on 21-10-2020 👇

Supreme Court loan moratorium case hearing highlights on Last hearing as Justice Bhushan bench adjourns hearing in interest waiver case to Nov 2 step by step:-

Oct 14, 03:55 PM (IST)

SC Loan Moratorium Hearing LIVE Updates: SC adjourns hearing to November 2

SC observes - We will expect the implementation of govt's interest waiver by then

Will review the implementation of the waiver.

SC Observes (In lighter vein): Borrower's Diwali is in the hands of the Govt.

Oct 14, 03:46 PM (IST)

SC Loan Moratorium Hearing LIVE Updates: Apex court asks why will it take an entire month to effect a simple waiver scheme

Borrowers Expections: We want moratorium for next 3-6 More months as our financial situations are still not recovered.

SC observes: When the govt has taken a decision to waive interest, why is it taking so much time to implement. Govt is seeking time till Nov 15, why will it take an entire month to effect a simple waiver scheme. If the govt has already decided to exempt small borrowers from interest on interest, it should not be debited from accounts. Not in the interest of the common people, when decision has already been taken by the govt. Govt decision is welcome, but we need to see concrete results on the ground. Govt has not issued any order to any banks, RBI has not issued any circular. Govt has merely stated on affidavit, has not implemented.


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