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How To Open Loan Moratorium & Moratorium Extension YouTube Channel To Teach About RBI Supreme Court

  How To Open Loan Moratorium & Moratorium Extension YouTube Channel To Teach About RBI Supreme Court ? Answer:- Dear Friends if you want to open a youtbe channel on which you will publish your videos on these topics like loan moratorium and Moratorium Extension, rbi and Supreme Court Order on loan moratorium cases then watch this following video on Arallywood YouTube Channel and lots of Moratorium related videos on Arallywood YouTube Channel:-

What is Bad Bank ? Bad Bank Meaning ? Bad Bank Definition ?

  Bad Bank (In English): (1.) What is Bad Bank ? Answer:- The Bad Bank is also a kind of Bank which is set up to buy bad loans or stressed assets or non performing assets(npa) or other illiquid holdings of another banks or nbfc or financial institutions at market price.  Thus the original financial institutions may clear its balance sheet and its npa or stressed assets will be lower down. Bad Bank is normally set up during financial crisis. There are lots of complexity in setting up of bad bank. The economic experts are divided on bad bank ideas. Some economists are in favour of bad Bank and some are against of bad banks. Now a days bad bank idea is matter of discussion in Indian banking system due to very high increment of npa ratio as per the rbi report. There are a lots of things like management, funding, share holders and organization structure of bad bank. Let's see what outcome from regulator rbi or indian government before announcement of union budget 2021. Perhaps indian go

What is the Moratorium, Moratorium Extension & Arallywood Moratorium Policy 2021 (In English & Hindi) ?

  We will discuss in English and Hindi both. First In English:- Moratorium, Moratorium Extension & Arallywood Moratorium:- (1.) What is the meaning of Moratorium ? Or What is moratorium meaning in English ? Or  What is Moratorium Definition ?  Or  What is Moratorium Meaning in terms of Arallywood ? Answer:- According to Arallywood: The "Moratorium" is not a permanent suspension it is just a "temporary suspension of an activity" or "delay of an activity" or law or "stopping of an activity" for the "agreed amount of time" or "certain time period" .  The Moratorium in general may be imposed or granted by government or by regulators or by business to resolve temporary financial hardships or problems or issues. (2.) What are the various types of Moratorium ? Answer:- If moratorium is provided or applied or implemented by any banking regulator then it's known as banking moratorium. Again in banking if moratorium is