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Get Free Legal Help or Free Legal Aid From National Legal Services Authority & SLSA In Court Case


Get Free Legal Help or Free Legal Aid From National Legal Services Authority & SLSA In Court Case.

Nowadays lots of people in India are facing physical and mental harassment or issues by Loan, Credit Card, Loan App, Bank, NBFC or finance company recovery agent. These issues increased at a very high level after loan moratorium and moratorium extension relief over on 31-08-2020. Due to which some people committed/committing suicide or suicidal attempts. We at Arallywood request all such kind of people of the country not to do such kind of activities and get the free legal aid or free legal help from government free legal aid scheme from "National Legal Services Authority" or "State Level Legal Services Authorities".

We at Arallywood have understood these kinds of problems and created this Arallywood Original content or article or post for your convenience in this regard at one place at Arallywood. In this article we have provided all NALSA and SLSA websites at one place for your convenience.

We at Arallywood hope this content post will definitely help you to overcome your legal issues.

Watch this video to understand in detailed:-

Get free legal aid or free legal help from National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) for the weaker sections of society or poor people or economically weak people.

The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) has been constituted under the "National Legal Services Authorities Act 1987" by Government of India to provide free legal help.

You can directly apply online for free legal aid or free legal help at NALSA official websites here or .

You track your application online for legal aid or legal help form here

You can submit your legal aid or legal help "reminders or clarifications" from here after lodging application for legal aid.

We have also provided the following "State Level Legal Services Authorities" official website for your convenience. You can visit the SLSA website for state level legal help or legal aid:-

  1. Andhra Pradesh:-

  2. Arunachal Pradesh:-

  3. Assam:-

  4. Bihar:-

  5. Chandigarh:-

  6. Chhattisgarh:-

  7. Dadra and Nagar Haveli:-

  8. Daman and Diu:-

  9. Delhi:-

  10. Goa:-

  11. Gujarat:-

  12. Haryana:-

  13. Himachal Pradesh:-

  14. Jammu and Kashmir:-

  15. Jharkhand:-

  16. Karnataka:-

  17. Kerala:-

  18. Madhya Pradesh:-

  19. Maharashtra:-

  20. Manipur:-

  21. Meghalaya:-

  22. Mizoram:-

  23. Nagaland:- or ( )

  24. Odisha:-

  25. Puducherry:-

  26. Punjab:-

  27. Rajasthan:-

  28. Sikkim:-

  29. Tamil Nadu:-

  30. Telangana:-

  31. Tripura:-

  32. Uttarakhand:-

  33. Uttar Pradesh:-

  34. West Bengal:-  or ( )


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